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Natalie Aguirre

Certified Whole30 Coach

Natalie Aguirre is a Certified Whole30 Coach residing in Rancho Cucamonga, California. She is a wife and mother of 3. Along with her full time job of a stay at home homeschooling mom, Natalie has a passion for coaching clients through their Whole30 program and providing a foundation for Food Freedom Forever. Her focus is on making Whole30 an attainable success, redefining family meals, and streamlining Whole30 with everyday life, for anyone who wants to discover their health, habits and relationship with food!


What is Whole30?

Whole30 is a full body reset, where you eat whole foods (eggs, meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, and fats) for 30 days. This opportunity allows you to discover your relationship, health, and habits associated with food! These 30 days could potentially be the start of your physical, mental, and emotional decisions around food, also known as food freedom! This journey is a very specific to you, and I believe in hosting personalized service to all my clients. Im ready, are you?

May Whole30 Virtual Group
Join Natalie starting out summer, with a reset that changes your health, habits and relationship with food. This is NOT your next fad diet, it's a life changing experiment. Natalie being a yo-yo dieter her whole life, Whole30 and food freedom changed it all for her.
Apr 26, 6:00 AM – Jun 13, 7:00 AM
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Food Freedom Forever Group
Just finished doing #Januarywhole30? Completed a Whole30 recently? Still trying to figure out how to apply your food freedom? This is your group!
Feb 15, 6:00 AM – Mar 01, 8:00 PM
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Green Goodness

Why Should I do a Whole30?

Whole30 is an anti-inflammatory, gut healing, hormonal balancing, taste bud reset. Anyone could benefit from some of these things. Most clients give testimonials of increased energy, greater sleep, better mood, higher self-esteem, and the overall desire to change their relationship with food. The list goes on; if there is something you are seeking, reach out to me and we can discuss your goals!


Why should I work with a coach?
(this may not be your 1st Whole30 either)

There are several reasons to work with a coach! Here are a few:

  • Accountability and encouragement

  • Commitment with investment

  • Answer questions

  • Expand your knowledge (great for repeat Whole30ers)

  • Help set expectations (great for repeat Whole30ers)

  • Help with meal planning

  • Ask you tough questions and give you feedback (great for repeat Whole30ers)

  • Gaining a friend, who understands the journey! 


Am I the right coach for you?

That's a great question! I am known to be a positive encourager, and your biggest supporter! This journey is about you, and your goals. I believe in setting expectations, for both myself and my clients. I will ask you to be 100% committed to the program and it will require effort on your part. I will also give my complete commitment to your Whole30, helping you navigate and provide accountability, but most importantly celebrating the goals you will achieve!


What happens after the 30 days?

After the Whole30, there is very crucial re-introduction phase. I will help guide you through an individualized plan that suites you. From there we will discuss what foods you want to bring back into your life, and those that you don't. This trial and error, is the basis for your food freedom forever journey. You will get to choose what foods fall into the "worth it" category! Yes, dark chocolate I'm looking at you!


When should I start?

Tomorrow? All jokes aside, I would say start ASAP, while your momentum and excitement are strong! As long as you have no huge life changing events coming up; once in a lifetime vacation, wedding, or major cross country move. Sorry, birthday parties, work events, or minor travel don't count! There will never be an optimal time. Just think this reset will help you navigate these life events, around food choices in the future! Be real with yourself and make the commitment to life change now!


Do I offer refunds?

No, I do not offer refunds for going off program. With constant communication and my support, this is not likely to occur. Given 100% commitment on both our parts, what kind of coach would I be if I let you break the commitment you set for yourself? You will be successful, and I will be there to celebrate your victories!


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