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January 25th- March 13th


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CrossFit RC Group Whole30

Now Hosting: CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga Whole30 Join Natalie, @Wholesomehosting starting out the new year of 2022 with a reset that changes your health, habits and relationship with food. This is NOT your next fad diet, it's a life changing experiment.

CrossFit RC Group Whole30
CrossFit RC Group Whole30

Time & Location

January 25th- March 13th

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About the event

Join Whole30 Coach, Natalie Aguirre, starting out the new year with a reset that changes your health, habits and relationship with food.

Whole30 is a 30 day elimination nutrition experiment, eating whole foods (eggs, meat, seafood, all veggies, fruits, and healthy fats). Following the 30 days, you then re-introduce the items you removed, to see how they affect you; physically, mentally, and emotionally.  This is NOT fad diet, with the focus on Non-Scale victories such as: better sleep, awesome mood, energy increase, higher gym performance, more confidence (in all areas of life), feeling satisfied for longer periods of time after you eat, less cravings, less-total body inflammation, chronic pains, headaches, and the list goes on extensively. Natalie being a yo-yo dieter her whole life, Whole30 and Food Freedom (life after) changed it all for her.

Natalie provides personalized coaching through support, encouragement, and accountability. There are many recipes, prepping tips, and ideas to make Whole30 attainable, delicious, and streamline it into everyday life. The group also focuses on life after Whole30, habit change and diving into your journey of Food Freedom Forever (also great for returning Whole30-ers).  This reset will give you the sense of control, confidence, and excitement to start off 2022!

January 25th- January 31st: Introduction and Prep

February 1st- March 2nd: Days 1-30

March 3rd- March 13th: Guided re-introduction and diving into your food freedom

What is included in the Coaching Package:

  • Unlimited access to a private group page
  • Individual, once a week phone calls managing upcoming week (client favorite)
  • Weekly videos offering encouragement and weekly tips
  • Weekly lives, with open forum questions and support
  • Prep and introduction plan
  • 1 week meal plan with recipes
  • Shopping lists and my favorite product list
  • 30 Quick and Easy Whole30 recipes
  • Exclusive discounts with approved partners
  • Daily check-in’s with me
  • Assisted re-introduction with support
  • Food Freedom discussion and review (great for returning Whole30'ers)

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