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My Top 5 reasons why your previous Whole30 was a challenge...and why I can help you as a coach

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

1. Planning or preparing- You had the intention but didn’t prioritize your meal plan, grocery shopping list, food prep, or your plan of action in tough situations.

As a coach, built into the program, we spend 1 week on this before we even get started on day 1. I help you plan out your 1st week of meals, or you can even use the meal plan I give you, which is accompanied by a shopping list. Although the food prep is on you, when using my plan you will only spend 1 hour twice a week prepping, not 6 hours on a Sunday. During this prep week we will dive into all things you need to do to be prepared for your Whole30. We will also have our 1st weekly call to discuss your 1st week, any challenges that you might foresee, and any questions you may have. I will be your strongest accountability when it comes to being prepared on your Whole30.

2. Trying to do too much- I know you have 285 Whole30 recipes pinned on pinterest, man do they look good, and gosh they would make your whole30 so delicious you wouldn’t feel like you were missing anything.

I hear ya, there are tons of recipes available to you, and I think it's great that you are trying to be so ambitious. My job as a coach is to help you streamline Whole30 into your life and make it as attainable as possible. Overwhelming yourself with multiple step recipes, or 5 new ingredients that you have to add to your grocery list is not necessary. I am here to help you build simple and delicious meals, we’ll focus on what works for you, and I’ll help you work your way to making those drool worthy pins you have saved. They do have a place in your Whole30 when the times are right, and I have that portion built in for you when appropriate if you choose, so keep pinning away if you desire.

3. You’re trying to do the perfect Whole30- There is no such thing as the perfect Whole30, here are some words from Melissa Urban herself;

“You’re dedicated to the Whole30 rules; following our recommendations, planning your meals, and distracting your way through temptations. But please, don't try to do the “perfect” Whole30. First, because it doesn’t exist. Not every meal will fit our template, not every ingredient will be hand-made with love, and at least once, you’ll skip dinner and just go to bed because please let this day end. Also, the Whole30 is just the first step toward a lifetime of practicing your food freedom! You don’t have to figure it all out in 30 days.

Still hungry between meals? Eat a Snack! Gave into dessert cravings with an apple and almond butter? Acknowledge this is a habit you’re working on, but know that you stayed Whole30 compliant, and that's a huge win! Remember, your goal is to complete the Whole30 exactly as written for 30 straight days.”

As your coach I am here to encourage and support you through your Whole30, by communicating with me openly and honestly, I can help guide you through tips and strategies that I find most effective. As long as you are in 100% compatible, you are completing the “perfect Whole30.” If you have found awareness, or lack of control around a compatible item or food I can offer suggestions and recommendations moving forward. The fact that you are even aware is a step in the right direction. I can relate to this 100%, I completed rounds where I discovered items that are compatible and yet do not serve me best during a Whole30. This takes practice, but I’m here to help you and see these things through a different lens, that you may not see.

4. Finding on the go options- You travel for work, spend your evenings on the sports field with your kids, or your weekends are non stop busy.

I get this, a busy mom of 3, homeschooling teacher, and Whole30 Coach, my life doesn't slow down. Here is where you’re going to have to put in a bit of work, but you're going to work ahead in these moments; so you are prepared, not tempted, and the more you practice these habits the easier and more comfortable it gets.

As your coach I will be hosting 1 a week phone call to help you navigate your schedule and help you meal plan your week for these types of events. We will discuss the challenges you may face, and I will help you navigate these on the go situations. I will be offering you tips and tricks to live your Whole30 on the go. Hey, I wouldn’t doubt if soon, you might be getting questions on the yummy dinner you're eating on the soccer field.

5. Completed a round, but have fallen back into your previous habits, finding yourself face first into a pizza and completing that meal with a sugar bender?!

Hey, I’ve been there! The 1st Whole30 I did, on day 31 I ordered pizza, cause duh, it’s over!! Here’s where we get rid of the diet mindset, and I’ll help you discover that foundation of habit change. We actually address this together before your round is over, I don’t leave you on day 31 and say good luck...This is why Whole30 is DIFFERENT, this is WHY it can be life changing. Actually changing your health, habits, and relationship with food. As a coach, I’m here to help you discover these habits and relationships you have with certain foods, and dive into what Food Freedom Forever looks like for you specifically. My 1 on 1 coaching package offers a free copy of the book, and we discuss it in depth, so after you complete your Whole30 you are confident to live your food freedom, and you can choose whether that pizza is “worth it” or not. ;)

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