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Winter Hibernation

Hello! It’s that time of year, my winter hibernation. Yes, I know I'm not a mammal that lives in the woods. (Although, I would love to be in a cabin in the woods right now, sitting by a fire, drinking a cup of coffee!) I’m already describing what this hibernation looks like…

I can say that without a doubt, the last 4 months of the calendar year is my favorite; cue, happy Fall y'all, pumpkin spice everything, sweaters, boots (who am I kidding I live in southern CA), a season of thankfulness, delicious and memorable food. Memories and feelings that we reminisce from childhood, special moments we are building with our current families, the anticipation of Christmas, as my family refers to “as the most wonderful time of the year!” As we know, all these things can also bring in chaos, pressure, social anxiety, the feeling of loss and sadness. This time of the year can bring on many triggers for people, and I must admit for me personally it brings me straight joy!!! (Yes, i’m one of those Christmas people, I can already hear the Christmas music playing)

But...wait for it, I crave winter hibernation….

I'm not sure if this craving for winter hibernation is new, because of the season of life I am in; stay at home mom, young kids, the fast paced chaos of life, immediate gratification society, relationships through social media connections, etc. Whatever it is, in the last couple of years, especially this year (2020) I have craved and devoured (if you can use that word) this winter hibernation.

Just as the last of my Christmas decor gets put into boxes (cue, crying emoji), this sense of rest, non-commitments, no planning, no social engagements is all very attractive to me.

Now, some of you may feel this way all the time, or think just the opposite. It's a new year; time to set all the goals, start all the diets, and re-plan all the life. While I’m an upholder (Gretchen Rubin Tendency), planner, expectation setter, self-controller, and love the feeling of organization. Most of the time my outlook is; let’s do all the things, get involved in all the events, and host all the parties. but something about this season of rest, is so fulfilling to me.

Not to mention its propelling and storing my energy for spring, summer, and yes, you know it my countdown to Fall!

What kind of rest am I referring too?

For me this is; staying home (well more than normal), not running errands for 1 item. learning to live without. Re-framing another experiment of food freedom, getting back in the kitchen (but do I ever leave it?), not spending money (HELLO, Christmas past), and not setting commitments outside the house. Sleeping in a little extra, and going to bed early, as in when my kids do, early. Spending 1 on 1 time with those I love in the comfort of my home.

As we approach the end of winter, I reflect on this time of rest, and realize how much I actually thrived in. How many mental things I accomplished, how many long-term goals I set for myself, and how I enjoyed the non-commitments of life.

Maybe you can't enjoy winter hibernation, due to work schedules, seasons of extra-curricular activities for your children, previous annual commitments, etc. But I challenge you, maybe find a time in your year, where you make an effort to hibernate, rest, soak in the simplicity of life around you. Stay home, restrict your commitments. Take quality time for yourself, your family, your loved ones. You can not be everything, and everywhere for everyone. Just maybe this time will give you a clearer lens on the things in life that are really of importance and the things we just can really simply do without. There really is beauty in rest, and I hope you can find some too!

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