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Your new favorite Mayo

I know it sounds pretty ridiculous to put such a huge emphasis on mayo, but HOMEMADE MAYO is LIFE changing


This recipe is only 5 ingredients and can be made in less than 2 minutes!!! Check out my Insta stories for the visual!! (@wholesomehosting)

Plus you'll need to make this for my infamous NAV Chicken Salad that I will be sharing next week, so get out the immersion blenders, and mayo away!

What do I use Mayo for?

Chicken Salad

Egg Salad

Sandwich Wraps

The base of my dressings/Sauces

Homemade 1000

Drizzle over any protein/veggie combo

Etc., the list goes on…

Disclaimer: even if Mayo isn’t your Jam (kind of pun intended) make this, you won’t be disappointed!

Homemade Mayo (Whole 30, Paleo)

*1 Cup EXTRA LIGHT virgin olive oil or Avocado Oil

*1 egg

*1 garlic clove

*½ tsp of salt

*A few shakes of pepper

*½ lemon squeezed

1. Pour oil in a wide mouth mason jar, or other jar that can fit the immersion blender in.

2. Add egg, garlic, salt, peeper

3. Put the immersion blender over the yolk and blend leaving in one spot until it starts to emulsify, then slowly move it up, give it time to emulsify each time you move it up.

4. Squeeze ½ lemon in, and blend again

Store in fridge for up to 1 week

Eat your mayo hearts out!!

*I also sell this, if your local*

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